We are moving
to BALI!

Following our dream

For a long time, we have wanted to move to try a different lifestyle than the one we have in Denmark. As many others, we have during Covid-19 had lots of talks about our lifestyle, what we love and what we want to change.
We have talked about moving to another country for several years but we have found excuses every time to avoid fulfilling the dream.
If a pandemic can't make you follow your dreams, then what can?

The island lifestyle

We last went to Bali more than 3 years ago. We were instantly hooked! The slow paced island life, amazing vegan food, traditional craftsmanship, the warm temperatures, the palm trees and incredible powerful ocean.

Is it risky to move to a country you've only visited once? YES! But, sometimes you get step out of your comfort zone and we can't wait to get back to Bali!

Closer to our production

We are not only moving because of the desire to try a different lifestyle. We are also moving as we, during Covid-19, has realised our need to be closer to our production has increased tremendously. Being so far away without the possibility to travel and check up on our styles, has been difficult to say the least.

We currently have production in India and are in a process to find production partners in Bali. Being close to our production and being able to show you guys much more behind the scenes from fabric and garment making is a big dream to us!


Our web shop and office will still be in Denmark. Let's just say it's a true family business now :)

Moving to another country together is gonna be the greatest adventure for us so far..

Don't worry, we'll keep you updated!


So here we are, 2 months from our departure from our home and the only country we ever lived in. A bit nervous (or a lot!) and overwhelmed, but mostly excited for the new adventure that awaits us on the island of Bali.


We will keep you posted on IG stories and sometimes here on our journal with the process of finding our new home, finding the right production partners, garment production, design, content creation and our lives in general away from Denmark. Peew, there's a lot! It's gonna be a-ma-zing!

We can't wait to share more about our adventure in Bali with you!

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