Vegan and Vegetarian food
on Tenerife, Canary Islands

Our Vegan and Vegetarian
Tenerife Food Guide

While we were on Tenerife, in the Canary Islands for our photoshoot for collection 20.1, we went to a lot of different cafés and restaurants!

As we mostly eat plant-based food, we had done some research before we left (well a lot of food research actually..) and found a lot of good cafés and restaurant we wanted to pay a visit.
Last time we visited Tenerife (many, many years ago), we didn't see any plant-based restaurants. or maybe we weren't looking at that point. This time we used Instagram, Trip Advisor and Happy Cow (genius app!) to find plant based options in Tenerife, and man.. Tenerife didn't disappoint! Even in small towns, it was easy to get a vegetarian or vegan meal. The locals were kind and didn't mind us swapping out a few ingredients for plant-based ones. The food there was so good, tasty and colorful, that we thought we'd share some of the places we visited with you guys!


Our vegan and vegetarian food guide is arranged by each city. Enjoy!

Puerto de la Cruz

Café Roots


Calle de Zamora 2A
Breakfast, lunch and dinner

Café Roots was the first restaurant we came by in Tenerife. We chatted a lot with the owner, a sweet woman, who recently got a puppy, who was there at the restaurant. WE LOVE PUPPIES, so we were pretty much already sold! She named the puppy Bandito, and he was a little bandit wanting to play all the time. We went to the café several times, one time for dinner and the other times for breakfast. The service is in general slower in Tenerife than in Denmark. Everything is actually in a slower pace, except their speeding, but that's another story.


Back to the food at café roots! The reason why we came back so many times was that we could get amazing healthy food, slow pressed juices, smoothie bowls, good coffee and much more. The variety was nice, you could get vegan, vegetarian and even gluten free meals. Mikkel had his first Beyond Meat burger (a succes!) and Gritt fell in love with the banana toast with nut butter topped with cinnamon. Their Pitaya smoothie bowls were really tasty (and colourful) and when you order a cup of tea, you get a whole little tea pot. That's good service! Definitely worth a visit.

Our morning setup at the Roots café. Freshly pressed orange juice, green tea, a cortado, poached egg and avo toast, banana toast and a pitaya bowl.

Vegan spinach and chickpea sandwich. It doens't look like much, but it tasted soooooo god!

The Pitaya smoothie bowl, decorated with berries, banana, chia seeds, figs and edible flowers. Served with a piece of dark vegan chocolate. Yum!

Bandito the dog. Man, did we want to bring him home! Such a cutie.

El Limón


Calle Esquivel 4
Lunch and dinner

We visited El Limón a couple of times as well. Now if you are one of those who are afriad that the portions on a restaurant might be too small, easy now, because El Limón offers portions that will make you full (and even fuller than full).
We made the mistake of ordering way too much food the first time we visited!
At El Limón you can order different ''small'' dishes to share or as starters and main. They also serve burgers, but the most interesting on their menu is their small dishes and their dessert!
The food at El Limón is made by women in an open kitchen who laugh, chats in spanish and have fun while working. It gives the places such a welcoming feeling, like your in your grandma's kitchen, the smell is amazing and the laugh contagious. The place it self was a stunner, with light blue walls, white shutters and windows, old frames, pictures and mirrors all around. Very homy and charming. The prices are actually in the low end, which makes it hard not to choose everything from the menu.

They offer vegan, vegetarian and gluten free meals. They offer various juices and smoothies, all with fresh ingredients!

One of the many exotic juices we had at El Limón. Their options were amazing! Mikkel ordered a tortilla, which is a spanish styled omelette as a starter. The slice was probably 10cm high and enough for a whole meal AND it only cost about 3€.

Patricia, our talented photographer, ordered goat cheese with balsamico glace and veggies (also as a starter). Let's just say that we were full afterwards!

Gritt ordered the homemade vegan spring rolls, with salad and some sauce (which we forgot what is called, but tasted incredible!).

We also had sandwiches. Amazing sandwiches with avocado or chickpea "tuna". The photo does not do them justice, they were enormously and tasty. Some times a sandwich (simple as it sounds) is just everything.

They even had vegan cake! This was their apple pie cake with crumble on top. It was like going back in time to our grandmothers kitchen. It was amazing! You might not see it on the photo, but the slice was insanely big (this was a really big plate, and not those small dessert plates!). They definitely weren't stingy with their portions sizes.

Compostelana Club Café


Plaza del Charco
Breakfast, lunch, dinner and bar

One day, while walking around the city, we stumbled across this exotic jungle styled restaurant on the Plaza del Charco. The interior was what drew us in.
Think exotic jungle mixed with english colonial style. There were several tigers in there (not real, don't worry), cages with birds (not real either) and lamps with monkeys swinging from the wires (not real, again). The bar area was painted light green, the chairs were brass with tropical patterned cushions and the ceiling was covered with tropical plants (not real either). We only ordered a cup of tea (got a whole tea pot again!) and a beer, as we just needed a place to stay while we planned out some content shooting. The vibe was so fun and energetic that we came back the last night and had a farewell drink with our dear friend and photographer, Patricia. That night, there was a life band playing spanish and cuban music and it was the perfect end to our photoshoot trip. As this is a vegan and vegetarian guide, we did have a look at the menu, and it was possible to get vegetarian options there.

The place looks like a jungle or botanical garden and is filled with eccentric interior. It's like entering another world, where you forget you are on a plaza in the middle of the city.

The monkeys swinging in a rope holding the lamp was a fun touch to the interior.

The tropical cushions with the brass couches were a cool touch to the interior. It felt like we were at a tea party! In the jungle!

And speaking of tea.. What it is with spanish people and tea pots!? We love it! Well Gritt did, as she is a big fan of green tea. Every time she ordered a cup of tea, she got a whole tea pot. We thank you Spain for your green-tea-rosity (pun intended..)!

Come on.. How cool is this setup!? Next time, we'll try out their food menu too.

Told you so! Tigers..



Calle Blanco 5
Lunch and dinner

Al-Amir is located on a street closed to the main streets and harbour. They offer both vegan and vegetarian options. The waiters also helped us switch out ingredients in some dishes to plant based. We sat at one of the three balconies, enjoying the view of the street, the noises from the neighbour apartments, classical piano music playing in the radio, a woman yelling on the phone in spanish, kids playing right below us and the mumbling and talking from the tourists passing by. We ordered several dishes to share and oh boy, we were in heaven! The only thing we ordered which we didn't fall in love with, was the baba ganoush. It had a smokey flavour, - a bit too smokey for our taste. The hummus though, was another story. The best hummus we've ever tasted. The plate was completely empty and we were both too full, haven eaten too much food. Again..
Al-Amir is definitely a visit worth food wise!


Al-Amir is placed on the second floor with 3 balconies where you can sit, enjoy your meal and watch the street from above. Below the restaurant, smaller stores are selling electronics. We thought we went to the wrong place, but up the stairs we went and a Lebanese restaurant welcomed us.

We ordered both cold and warm dishes, tapas-style. It tasted just as good as it looks. No, scratch that. It tasted even better!

We ordered both hummus and baba ganoush. We could both have married the hummus. Wow! It was incredible. Probably the best hummus we've ever tasted. - and we eat a lot of hummus regularly!

We ordered the falafel plate with four falafels, salad and a dressing. As we asked for their vegan options, they switched out a yoghurt dressing with a tahini dressing. The falafels had just the right amount of crisp and flavour and the sauce accompanied it well. The meal was drool worthy!

The table setup suited the food well with middle eastern plates in all sorts of patterns and colors.

Saigon Delice


Calle San Juan, 2
Lunch and dinner

We are big fans of asian food and when we found out there were a Vietnamese restaurant in Puerto de la Cruz, we had to try it! Saigon Delice is a small restaurant with one or two tables inside and a couple of tables outside on the street. Both times we visited, (because it was that good!) we sat outside, enjoying the noise from the street and the warm temperatures at night.
We started with their fresh vegan spring rolls which came with a hoisin soy sauce with sriracha and ginger. That sauce could literally go with any veggies and asian dishes. It was tasty, deep in flavour and you just wanted to continue dip raw veggies in it! A dish, that you absolutely must try at Saigon Delice, is their yellow vegan curry with vegetables! It is insane! It's like the perfect yellow curry dish with creamy coconut milk, perfect prepared veggies and yummy tofu. They have other vegan dishes, but the best on their menu is for sure their vegan yellow curry. Also, as there are only few tables at the restaurant, you might want to come early to get a spot outside.


With every main dish, you can order noodles, vermicelli noodles or rice.

The fresh spring rolls with the amazing hoisin soy sauce! Still dreaming about the sauce..

The must have dish at Saigon Delice, their Yellow vegan curry (Order it mild - medium, as it's spicy.)

Gastrobar Naife


Calle Mequinez 51
Lunch and dinner

One day, we explored the old part of the city for possible photoshoot places. Walking from the harbour we chose the narrow streets, with old charming buildings in every color you could imagine. We stopped by Gastrobar Naife on the way, as it looked cozy with only three little tables outside, and discovered they had vegan and vegetarian food. We ordered several dishes to share, tapas style, a local brewed beer and a cold glass of chardonnay. We got falafels with a spicy dipping sauce, a salad topped with pickled ginger, oven baked potatoes with mojo sauce and freshly baked bread. It was simple, but tasty. They had more vegan dishes, we would have loved to try as well. But, you can only eat so much, right :) We would definitely love to visit again, the staf was very kind and the street looked like something from an old movie.


Mikkel looking at their menu, figuring out which vegan dishes we had to try.

A perfect lunch tapas setup! We really enjoyed the food there.

A simple salad, but flavourful with walnuts, tomatoes, several different kind of fresh salad, pickled ginger and a vinaigrette that brought it all together.

Aromas de la India


Calle Agustín de Betancourt 21
Lunch and dinner

We found Aromas de la India on Happy Cow and Trip Advisor. It was listed to be the best indian restaurant in Puerto de la Cruz. We went one night, around 9 o'clock and the restaurant had almost only local Indians in there. If the locals eat there, you know it's a good place for authentic food! A tv in the corner was playing Bollywood music videos and through a set of windows we could see the chefs cooking, what smelled like, amazing food.
We started with a plate of small sauces with papadums (crunchy Indian bread). They had a lot of vegan options. Like A LOT! We had so many choices that it took us forever to decide on two dishes to share. We chose the veggie rice and classic naan bread. We each chose a curry dish, made mild, as they warned us that their dishes could be very spicy. One curry dish with cauliflower and tomatoes and another with different veggies. It was delicious! On the night of the photoshoot, we ordered take away to our hotel room from this restaurant. Once again, they delivered (Literally). Sorry, pun intended..


We ordered two dishes to share and there was plenty!


Canada de Garachico Espacio Gastronomico


Av. Tomé Cano, s/n
Lunch and dinner

We drove to Garachico to swim in the natural pools at the harbour. Unfortunately they were closed and instead we walked around and found a place to eat.

Canada de Garachico Espacio Gastronomico (very, very long name!), was located right next to the water with both outdoor seating, indoor seating and seating in their little courtyard, where we found a table. We found the restaurant through the Happy Cow app, where a vegan dish was mentioned as being incredible.
Well, we had to try it of course! We can't remember what they called the dish, other than it's baked capsicum, squash, eggplant and tomato. Simple, but man, that flavour was intense! It was drizzled in extra virgin olive oil and balsamico. It was the perfect meal of how we pictured traditional spanish food would be, created vegan. Stop by to have this dish and walk around the cute little town. Who knows, the natural pools might even be open when you get there!


A view from the courtyard. The timber framings was gorgeous and used on several houses in the little town..

We ordered two dishes to share and there was plenty!

Los Christianos

Pistacho Coffee Brunch Café


Av. Juan Carlos I, s/n
Breakfats and lunch

We came by this little brunch café on the day we picked up Patricia, our talented photographer and dear friend. We stayed North in Tenerife and drove south early morning to shoot sunrise photos before going to the airport. We decided to get breakfast in a town close to the airport and Los Cristianos was the choice with only 15 minutes to the airport. We actually stayed in Los Cristianos many years ago. It's filled with tourists, souvenir stalls and concrete hotels with no traditional details or color. Not charming after our taste, but still filled with great restaurants and cafés. So, back to Pistacho café. Let's just say that they did a very great job with their menu selection. They offered both vegan and vegetarian options. The interior were very cool, hipster-ish and looked like something from L.A with subway tiles, industrial lamps, plants and bright tables and chairs. We sat outdoor as the sun was shining and it was a warm day and we're from Denmark, which means we grab every opportunity to sit outside when the sun shines!


The outdoor seating area had both shade and sun and were surrounded by two wooden walls covered with plants.l

Mikkel ordered the breakfast burrito with a Mexican tortilla pancake, black beans, salad, gaucamole and a fried egg on top.

Gritt ordered their acai bowl. It was topped with fruit and filled with fruit. It was a fruit lovers dream come true. And pretty too..

Tierra Café


Unit 10 Centro Commercial Playa Puerto Colon
Breakfats and lunch

On our last day we went to Tierra Café before going to the airport. If there is something we don't like, it's airport food. It's typically unhealthy, not vegetarian or vegan and over priced. So before going to the airport, we drove to Los Cristianos, 15 minutes from the airport, parked the car and brought our suitcases with our valued belongings. Easy peasy! Tierra is a vegan and vegetarian café, close to the harbour. It's located in a sort of outdoor mall, not charming and very noisy. However, the café itself has lots of charm and the food alone is worth a visit!

There are both indoor and outdoor seatings. The outdoor seatings have Morroccan tiled tables and chairs in pastel colors.

The outdoor seating area had both shade and sun and were surrounded by two wooden walls covered with plants.l

We ordered each our own avo toast and shared a chickpea omelette. Mikkel got a cortardo and Gritt got their Energizer juice and a whole tea pot, again..

The chickpea omelette was filled with fresh tomatoes and kale with a side salad topped with sesame seeds.

This was our vegan and vegetarian food guide in Tenerife, the Canary islands. There were more places, but those were our favourites!
We hope you enjoyed it and might get inspired for your next visit to Tenerife.