Spread Kindness
- a sweatshirt

Design Process

You might have seen our newest style on our social media, our Olga Sweatshirt.

Get a glimpse of the process behind the Olga sweatshirt with our very own custom made font, the inspiration behind, the moodboard and some of the other colour combinations we played with.

Olga Sweatshirt

Some facts about our newest style:

  • - Made from 100% GOTS certified organic cotton on a GOTS certified factory.
  • - Dyed and printed with GOTS low impact dyes.
  • - Size range from S - M - L.
  • - XS and XL can fit the sweatshirt too, due to the loose fit.


Let's spread some kindness

When everything went wrong this summer, we took a quick decision, contacted our friends at Herbal Fab, and asked if their sewing setup was ready. It was!
We have worked with Kunal and his team before where they created our plant based and hand printed textiles.


We knew the sweatshirt needed a meaningful message, so we brainstormed ideas for a fitting message for 2020 and the times we are currently in. A message with kind intentions to spread joy and love, and we ended up with ''Spread Kindness''.


As we are moving towards more colours in our design DNA, and felt we all could use something bright and colourful to cheer us up, we choose the colour Orchid Bloom, a pure lavender dream, combined with our own retro lettering with pastel colour details.


Our inspiration was pastel colours, retro fonts and happy vibes.

Some of the other colour combinations we created in the design process.

Spreading happiness - one sweatshirt at a time

We know we can't cure diseases with a sweatshirt, but we can spread some joy and kindness and that counts for something too. Our Olga Sweatshirt is a timeless beauty with with 70's inspired lettering, combined with contemporary classic details, such as a round crew neckline, rib edges, the dreamy lavender colour and the certified textile, printing and factory.

We hope you will love our Olga sweatshirt as much as we do. Let's spread some kindness!

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