Make Green Sense
- Retailer Interview

Make Green sense

In North Zealand, Denmark, the boutique shop Make Green Sense is located among fine dining restaurants and other small boutique shops. Ann Ulrich, owner of Make Green Sense, has designed her store to create a sense of tranquility and mindfulness with muted tones, wood and concrete. Her store is filled with sustainable slow living brands, both fashion, interior and lifestyle, all with a timeless design aesthetic that matches the interior of her store.

Ann Ulrich

Owner of Make Green Sense.

Tell us about yourself and why you chose to open your store Make Green Sense?


I have a background in law, but have for the past 10 years owned a jewellery company. I wanted to move on and create a small universe of sustainable high quality lifestyle products including sustainable and organic clothing that I would love to have and own myself.

Which feeling do you hope your customers get when walking into your store?


I have designed the interior of my shop to create a sense of tranquility and mindfulness. Quiet music and a mix of scents from candles and soaps meet the customers when entering the shop. The idea is for the customer to spend some time browsing through the shop. To spend some time reading the story behind the many different sustainable products on the shelves.

What do you love most about your business?


I truly love my many different customers from the older ladies with a love for good quality products to the youngest environmentalist shopping for beeswax paper. I also love to spot new products for the shop. Products from new upcoming entrepreneurs who live the idea of sustainability. I just love to live my dream every day.

Everything in Ann's store is chosen to make you feel inspired and calm.

We asked Ann to share 5 sustainable tips that she finds useful in her everyday life. We hope they can inspire you on your sustainable journey.

Ann's 5 sustainable tips:



A couple of times a year, I hang my clothing hangers backwards. When I use a piece of clothing I hang the clothing back with the hanger facing the right way. After 6 months, I know which items I wear, and which clothes needs a new home.



It's always a good idea, when you shop clothing, to invest in high quality and sustainable items. This increases the item's lifespan and makes it more likely to stay with you for a longer time and to pass on.



Every year I arrange a little luxury flee market in my hometown in North Zealand, where women sell and swap their clothing. It's an mazing way to renew your wardrobe, while your clothes gets a new loving home. You can arrange it in your apartment building, with your neighbours or with a couple of friends.



You don't need a great selection of clothing if you figure out which base colours speak to and suit you. If you make sure to have a basic wardrobe with good base colours, you can always mix and match your clothes. And then invest in more colourful accessories which can spice up your outfit.



A great tip to prolong the lifespan of your clothing and shoes is to once a while ''let it rest''. Clothing gets worn when used. Try air it and then letting it rest once in a while, can make your clothing and shoes last longer. This is especially great for leather and wool.

We hope you enjoyed our interview with Ann and do pay her store a visit if you are around. The store's atmosphere is like going to a spa.

Learn more about Ann and her store Make Green Sense here.