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Nestled between a skatepark, coffee shops and small eco friendly boutiques, you'll find the store Langsamt on Vesterbro, a laid back part of Copenhagen, Denmark. Owned by mother and daughter duo, Dorthe and Johanne, Langsamt is a slow fashion and lifestyle store, filled with handpicked sustainable brands all with a cool, timeless and contemporary aesthetic. Dorthe and Johanne have made it their mission to make sustainable fashion easy understandable to their customers, by providing information about textiles, certifications and care guides in their stores and online. Langsamt also sell Dorthe's ceramic collections, containing art pieces, vases and mugs, which the latter, we personally have been very fond of. If you don't live near Copenhagen, don't worry, Langsamt also has a store in Roskilde and an online shop. Power women, if we dare say so!

Johanne og Dorthe

Owners of Langsamt.

Tell us about yourself and why you started your entrepreneur lives and your store Langsamt?


Langsamt is a family driven business that started a bit as a coincidence as we needed a showroom and store for the ceramics we create.
From there, Langsamt has grown organically. The clothing and our sustainable profile is a large part of our business and along with our ceramics, our passion for good craftsmanship and slow production methods are front and center in Langsamt.


The business aspect and the intimacy in a small boutique have always appealed to us. We are both very curious and often inspire each other – and with this inspiration our business grows.

What do you aspire to achieve with Langsamt


With our store Langsamt, our intention is to elevate clothing to something lasting and with high value, like designer furniture or expensive jewellery. We hope to inspire our customer to shop to less and better, by demanding high quality of the clothing we select for our store. Quite specifically, we urge our customers to rather go home and think about a purchase than to immediately purchase an item at first glance. Furthermore, we work daily to become as transparent as possible regarding how an individual piece of clothing is sustainable.

What do you love most about your business?


The thing we love most about our job is the sensory aspect of working with clothing. We love to immerse ourselves in the little design details, the weaves and colours. And we love that we, through our work, meet many different designers all with different approaches to sustainability. That is very inspiring.

Our Patricia Floral Shirt styled in a classic, contemporary way by Johanne and Dorthe.

We asked Johanne and Dorthe to share 5 sustainable tips that they find useful in their everyday life. We hope they can inspire you on your sustainable journey.

Johanne and Dorthe's 5 sustainable tips:



Shop only clothing where you love everything about the item and where you don't want to change a thing.



Choose eco friendly textiles such as organic cotton, linen and Tencel.



Invest in clothing in high quality without polyester. It will stay beautiful for a longer time.



If a piece of clothing is at a discounted price, think it through and sleep on it before you decide to purchase the item.



Find a good tailor who can prolong the lifespan of your clothing.

We hope you enjoyed our interview with Johanne and Dorte. If you're in Copenhagen, Langsamt is a must visit, with the store's calming atmosphere, always great conversations with Johanne and Dorte, and amazing coffee nearby.

Learn more about Langsamt here.