Plant Dyes

Natural herbs

We use plant dyes on several styles in our collections. It's a beautiful craft, with a slow process done by hand with only natural elements.

Plant dyes has been used in textiles since ancient times. As our textile demands has grown over the years, synthetic dyes has been used in order to follow up with the high demands incorporation a more efficient and streamlined production. However, we at Gritt & Borris, cherish handmade products in this fast fashion world.


The colors of our natural dyed textiles is created by plants, roots and flowers fixated with natural minerals. Using plants and herbs that grow amply in our nature environment excludes the conventional synthetic dye production process. Plant dyes help save water, omit unnecessary pollutants and can be cycled back to earth.


Our plant dyed styles from Collection 18.1 should all be hand washed in cold water with eco friendly soap.