Recycled and certified

At Gritt & Borris we are constantly taking steps to reduce our impact on the planet. Packaging is a big part of our value-chain, therefore every choice we make regarding packaging has an impact on our company's footprint.

We are currently in the process of eliminating as much plastic as possible in our value-chain. That's why we have changed our packaging for web orders to recycled boxes, we have asked our suppliers to deliver our collections in cut-offs fabric bags and we don't use plastic bags at fairs and markets.
Our tape (yes, regular packaging tape) is our next step!
Hopefully we will soon have a tape without plastic that can endure different kind of weather. We believe even little things matters, even tape.

Heres how we do it:

Our hangtags have previously been made of FSC certified paper. From our 20.1 collection and forward, our hangtags are both recycled and FSC certified. The string attached to the hangtags is also changed to an organic cotton string, all natural.

Our postcards are made of FSC certified paper and are printed at a local print-shop in Copenhagen.

Supplier Packaging
When we receive our collections from our supplier, we receive them in cut-off fabric bags or recycled polyester bags.

We use 100% recycled silk paper to wrap your orders carefully and secure them a with 100% recycled paper label. Afterwards we ship the orders in 75% recycled and FSC certified boxes.

Our smallest boxes are 100% recycled cardboard boxes. Hopefully we can soon replace all of our packaging boxes with 100% recycled boxes as the smallest sizes.

Gift Wrapping
As a service, we offer free gift wrapping on our web orders if it is noted in the comment field at checkout.
We use recycled gift paper, GOTS certified un dyed ribbon and attach a hand painted card made recycled paper.

Printing paper
Our printing paper is ECO-labelled, TFC and FSC certified. The paper factory is ISO 14001-certificeret and EMAS-registered.