Our new life in Bali

We made it!

We've been in Bali for more than 1 month now, and let's just say, what a month!

We've experienced quite a lot already, from exploring east Bali, magical sunrises and the rural side of the island to having our villa flooded and Gritt ending up in the hospital with a concussion. We are both safe and sound, Gritt is still recovering and we are getting slowly used to the island life.

Sidemen, East Bali

For New Years, we ventured east to Sidemen and the rural part of Bali that's almost untouched by tourists.

It was one of the most magical trips we've ever had, with sunrises above the mountains, jungle and rice fields and smiling local faces who greeted us wherever we went. We couldn't have asked for a better way to start year 2021 than we got here.

Tropical Storms and villa hunting


We arrived in the rainy season to sunshine and about 1-2 hours rain per day. We felt extremely lucky and enjoyed the weather after leaving Denmark.
After our quarantine, we looked at loooooots of villas, trying to find our home for the next year. We quickly realised our budget needed to be raised if we wanted a villa in central Canggu OR we had to find an incredible deal with an unfurnished villa. We choose the latter, as we felt instantly in love with a villa and it's location. It needed lots of repairs after being vacant for a year (previous tenant had to fly home last January, but paid for the entire year) and it still needs a bit more repairs. It's located 10 minutes walk from the beach and central Canggu, but in a quiet area with few neighbours.

It's definitely bigger than what we were looking for, and our furniture expenses are higher too, but it felt right to both of us and the price was one of the lowest we found in that area. Sometimes you just have to follow your gut and choose what feels right, and we are sure it's gonna be beautiful once we are done decorating! We also can't wait to bring home the furniture we bought here :-)


A week before we moved in, the storms and heavy rain had been a non-stop feature in our daily lives and on the first night in our new villa, the river next to our house flooded, and sadly, so did our villa.

It's was a terrifying night, where we tried as hard as we could to save our belongings, while trying to stay safe. Gritt took a hard fall on the marble floor, got a concussion and we had to spend the next day in the hospital. We are both safe and sound, the front garden has gotten new drains and hopefully that was the only and last time we will experience our villa getting flooded here.


With all that said, we have both recovered from the events and are currently working on getting our villa cozy (and a bit more furnished), while taking care of Gritt & Borris, and getting settled in our new home and life.

We went to this little hidden beach, White Beach, the 31st of December. There were only 10 people on the entire beach, lots of space to practise social distancing, while enjoying the white sand beach and the turquoise water.

Transition and 2021

Moving to another country and living a completely different lifestyle than what we are used too, has had it's ups and downs. Mostly it's been a blessing and a constant adventure, but we've also experienced terrifying weather conditions that will forever stay in our memories.
We are also working on an interview with an organisation here in Bali, as we sadly have met too many locals already, who are struggling due to the lack of tourists and thereby income. There are many here who are working to help where they can and we will do so too.

It's a strange time we are all living in, but we can feel the hope spreading for 2021 and brighter times. With that said, let's keep helping other, spreading kindness wherever we can.  

Thank you for following along on our journey ❤️

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