Louise Dorph

Juli - 2019

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Louise is an honest woman sharing her thoughts on life, love and inner happiness on her blog. She is an interior designer who creates beautiful and inspiring stylings and an artist and illustrator painting colorful paintings. She is a TV host, entrepreneur, mother to 4 children and ambassador to the Danish Heart Association.

A life with love and art

Louise is a woman who loves life and live her life with love. She grew up in an artist home and her own passion for art is showing in her interior styling and beautiful paintings. She lives life with an compassion and an open mind. She is a heartwarming woman who shows us how to accept our bad experiences in life and how to move forward with gratitude and love.


Questions about Louise

Age: 49, four children and a grandchild (had my first child as 19 years old).


  • Where are you from: A mix between the (mondæne) fashionable Hellerup and the dark Jutland, both in Denmark. I lived the first seven years in Hellerup and afterwards moved to Jutland where I found my great love of nature.
  • Favourite breakfast: Oatmeal with cinnamon, berries and/or apple slices. I eat it every morning.
  • Favourite garment in your wardrobe: I love my dresses and skirts as my legs are visible. They are my best feature so why not show them?
  • Favourite travel destination: Mallorca, Spain. I travel there several times a year. I enjoy everything, the gorgeous nature, the ocean, my hiking trips, the sangria and the authentic cities like Déia. If I could afford it, I would buy a small house there with a view to an orange field and the blue mediterranean sea. Maybe when I grow old. The dream is still there.

A Sustainable Life

''It’s a bit difficult to call one self sustainable, when you travel to Mallorca several times a year. But I think about sustainability in the little everyday actions. When I shop, I use a cloth bag and I walk to the supermarket instead of driving. I have also reduced my consumption on knick-knacks.
I don’t need anything, so I have become very aware about not making any impulse shopping. There aren’t any red steaks on the menu anymore and I eat organic, which has now become second nature to me. I couldn’t imagine myself buying conventional food. Unfortunately I haven’t stopped drinking milk in my coffee. I have tried with plant milks, but it just doesn’t work for me yet.

Sustainability is important to me as I have 4 children and a grandchild. I want to leave a thriving and healthy planet to my descendants. I cannot be otherwise known. It’s as simple as that.'' Louise Dorph.

Any quote or wise words you want to share regarding sustainability?

When you borrow something, you have to return it in the same way you received it. That counts for our mother nature too.

Tell us about yourself and your work background?

I grew up in an artist home, both my parents were and are still artists. The creative way was therefore obvious to me. The only class in school I liked was art and Danish. I love to use my hands and communication. I first became a makeup-artist and has done anything from fashion to advertising. My life changed more and more to be fashion oriented and for a period of time I was the fashion and beauty editor at a danish magazine called Woman. But my love for art and design won and in 2005 I became editor in chief at the danish interior magazine Bolig Magasinet.
After 15 years in the magazine industry I became an entrepreneur, stylist, designer and blogger.
These latest couple of years it has been in a cooperation with a company in Viborg, where I created the interior company “A Simple Mess”. I was designer, brand manager, press manager and stylist on all photo material. In January I left A Simple Mess on good terms with the team. We wanted different things and today I really enjoy my reclaimed freedom where I can avoid the long trips to Viborg and the many nights alone in hotel rooms.
I have a new, big and exciting project lined up. Unfortunately I can’t tell anything about it yet.

What is it about interior and decorating/styling that you love?

‘‘It has to have value’’ - that’s what I usually say about what I surround myself with and about the work I do. Indifference hurts my soul. Aesthetic is an important factor. I surround myself with what I find aesthetic appealing. It’s important to me, to say that aesthetic is in the ugliness as well. For example a A tree trunk that has gone into decay, a ceramic vase of Axel Salto, which most of all resembles the surface of a monster. A movie by Lars Von Trier, who in my world turns our world upside down and shows the beauty of the ugly and the forbidden.

That's how I feel it with interior too. It must have a meaning or purpose. I'm not just buying a something for the sake of buying it. What I surround myself with, is either because I experience it as a strong piece of design or because it has sentimental value. My own style is romantic, creative with a twist of something raw and "ugly". The ugly is mostly found in my art on the wall. A perfect place to play with fantasies and all the aspect of the human - both the beautiful and the ugly.




Do you have any good advice on how to limit the everyday mess in a home?

I don’t believe we should be so afraid of showing who we are and our mess. Mess is life, the living life. In my entrance our shoes are standing here and there, they are a reflection of movement and I can always see if the children are home and if they have company. It’s nice.
I often sit and draw or work at the dining table. at supper we simply push it all to one end. If you dont’ like mess, I would suggest a lot of storage and boxes with lid on so you can hide it away.

What is your favourite interior styling advise?


Be yourself. If you are a messy knick-knack collector as me, gather your stuff in little oases which gives your home a calmer look




What inspires you in your work of art?

In my own style I don’t search inspiration from others. But I can have periods where my flow stops and I have trouble finding the creativity and energy to create. Then I go to art exhibitions, go to the opera, watch shows with artists and designers and get motivated by their energy and drive. Short after, I’m back and my drive flows once again,




What do you love most about being an entrepreneur?

The freedom and the possibility to make my own decisions in life. That there is not some other uncreative finance-type making decisions about creative work that they don’t know anything about.

You write about love on your blog and social media. Why is love so important in our lives?

I have the greatest love to life. To my children, family, lover. I love nature and the way it looks after us, giving us light, food, oxygen and beauty. I have love for my fellow people, even those I do not know yet. Life is easier to live that way. To want everybody the best, usually gives back in some form. And if it doesn’t, I don’t waste my time holding grudges and getting burned. I have been there though. But it’s a waste of the beautiful life we have been given.




Your honesty about love, both the ups and downs, is a big inspiration to many. How do you find the strength to open up about love, when it is not all smooth and romantic?

I’m a romantic at heart, I believe in romance. I have had four wonderful children and I love their fathers as brothers. They will always be in my life and I am grateful for the experiences we have had together.
I may have been too open about one of my relationships which backfired as it was public. I was not ready for that rollercoaster ride it was to experience your whole relationship covered in every magazine in the country. Now I keep my relationships more private and it feels safe and good. I don’t need grand headlines, it gives me no love which means I stay low at times.




What would you wish your younger self knew about love?

That there isn’t ‘‘real’’ love. Love is always real no matter the circumstances. If not, then it’s not love. You have to remember this, if you try to convince yourself that you probably love someone. Otherwise, I don’t feel the need to give my younger self advice. I believe we should learn by everything we experience - both the good and what hurts us as we lay curled up in a corner and never believe that it’s going to be alright again. I have had an enormous family as I have four children with two fathers. That is real happiness.

What has been the most valuable lesson in your life regarding love?


That you can search and that you can ask others about answer, but deep down you know the answers yourself. Sometimes you have to stop and really listen to yourself. It’s all inside of you. <3

We are grateful for the little sneak peak we got into the life of Louise Dorph.
We hope you enjoyed it too.

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Photo credits: Gritt & Borris