Handmade with love

Our handmade textiles in collection 16.1 and 17.1 are made in small villages in northern Thailand and Nepal. Currently the weavers buy their yarn GMO-free, but conventionally produced. The weavers are still in the process of sourcing organically produced yarn for their spinners.


When the weavers have received the yarn, they wash the fibers of the great vessels. Afterwards, they dye the yarn using natural plant dyes. The plants that create the beautiful colors in our collections, are all found locally and harvested sustainably, without using chemicals. The threads are then boiled, washed, dried and carded to be prepared for spinning on a conventional spinning wheel. The threads are wet during spinning in order to avoid breaking. One metre of our handwoven textiles take about 3-4 hours to create. It's a slow, but meaningful and important process.

Sustainability and CSR

Gritt & Borris cooperate with the company that started this textile production project as a cooperative with the village. The project ensures fair wages for the workers within the villages' textile production.

The children of the village are encouraged by their parents to move to the cities and seek work, for example within accounting and finance, in order to sustain the village. Therefore, this craft is unfortunately about to be lost in several places.
By supporting this project, the craftsmen and women will have the resources to continue and pass on their craft for several generations.

There are not used any azo enzymes, VOC or GMO in the preparation of the textiles. In addition, the energy and water consumption is held to a minimum.

The textiles are undyed or naturally colored, and thus has a low impact on the environment.