Care, repair, pass it on..

We can all do a difference towards a more sustainable world.
Trust us, we know it sometimes can feel overwhelming to act sustainably.
Is it enough? Does it even matter? you may ask your self. And yes, it does. Every little act matters. It's all about finding the right balance in your life and have fun while implementing your new sustainable habits. This page is all about how you (and we) can care for your clothing.

Mindful washing

With our simple wash care guide, you are already on your way to make a difference. Now let's wash more mindful!

Spot cleaning

Ask yourself if the clothes really need washing. Sometimes it is enough to simply treat the stain area, hang the garment out to dry or even leave in your freezer for a couple of hours.

Wet or dry?

Wet laundry should be washed immediately. We know, this is not always possible. If not, then hang your garment out to dry, and then you can put it in your laundry basket, ready to be washed.

Eco detergent

Always use an eco-labelled detergent and avoid fabric softener. Follow the dosing instructions. Using more or less detergent wan't make your clothing cleaner.

Load it up!


Wash full loads of laundry, but don't overfill the machine. You need a special dress for the weekend, but don't have enough clothes to wash? Hand wash your garment instead using an eco friendly soap or shampoo without perfume. It doesn't take much time and it's easy. Win-win guys...

Not really dirty?


If the garment is only lightly soiled (and you already tried spot cleaning), wash at a lower temperature or use a shorter washing programme. Also remember that the temperature given in the care instructions is the highest temperature the garment can withstand. Washing at lower temperatures than indicated is ALWAYS possible.

Out in the air!

Air dry your laundry, instead of using a tumbler. It's much better for the environment and no electricity is used only your own gorgeous muscles!

Hate ironing?


To avoid having to iron your laundry, remove the clothes from the washing machine while wet, give each garment a big shake and hang them up on a hanger on a drying rack. This will reduce wrinkles and creases.

If you choose to iron, iron your clothes inside out to maintain the color of the garment for as long as possible.

Dry Cleaning


We know it's easy. You leave your garments to someone else, they clean it, iron it and you pick it up, ready to wear. However, we urge you to avoid dry cleaning where it's possible. Most dry cleaning methods have harmful effects on the health and environment, such as the widely used dry cleaning solvent known as perchloroethylene.
If using dry cleaning, look for dry cleaners who don't use harmful chemicals.

Pass it on

We create collections made to last. We design with much love for each of our styles as we hope you will keep them for a very long time.

We believe in long-lasting products, not just with clothing but with everything we buy. There is no reason to buy something you will only want to wear or use once.


If you for some reason no longer need your Gritt & Borris products, we encourage you to pass them on to a beloved friend, your mother, your daughter or anyone who you want to spoil.

You can also pass the products on to a second hand store or to charity.

The important part is to pass it on to someone who will cherish it as you did!


A lot of clothes thrown out is because of minor damages which can often be repaired. To prolong the lifespan of a product, Gritt & Borris offers a repair service on our own styles to our danish customers.

Some damages are too far off from repairing, but let us have a look at it and see what we can do.


How it works:

  • Buy a 50DKK repair shipping fee on our website here.

  • Print your repair shipping fee order confirmation and send together with the damaged style(s).

Send your package to:

Gritt & Borris
Kjeldsgårdsvej 29, 2. tv.
2500 Valby


Our repair service cost 50DKK which also covers shipping from us to you.
When you ship your damaged style to us, you will have to cover the shipping cost yourself.


PLEASE NOTE: Repairs can take up to 1 month, since most are done by hand.
Sometimes the damage is unfortunately not repairable. Gritt & Borris reserves the right to decline a repair. If so, your shipping fee will be refunded.