Together we can make a difference

To us, it has never only been about our clothing lines, but about a sustainable change in our lives in general.
Sustainability comes from within, and our sense of doing right to Mother Nature is shown in the way we operate our business. We are incorporating sustainable actions in our company’s value-chain from designing to final product and packaging and we value fair working conditions as important as our clothing.

Love Stories made for you

We were born in Denmark, thus our design essence has roots in the Scandinavian, timeless simplicity. However we strive to design clothing that touches the heart, both in design and the story behind.
We design with a laid back vibe, where every piece should be useable both day and night and enhance our customers' lovely spirits. We love colours and print inspired by nature and our travels, and we love the character a special print gives a garment.

Our designs have classic, yet casual silhouettes combined with feminine details and dreamy prints and is our way of creating love stories to you.


Fashion has become so affordable that it isn't valued as much any longer. We want to change that with a ''buy less, choose well'' approach, that still makes room for finding styles that you love and cherish, but in a slower paste.

Small Collections - Small Batches

We design 1-2 collections each year with a maximum of 15 styles in each collection. We only produce our collections in limited numbers as small batches with few pieces of each size. By doing that, we only produce what we know we can sell, and don’t overproduce or have constant sales as a back bone in our company. We are not impacted by rapid changing trends, instead we design and create our clothing with a long-lasting perspective in mind without compromising on our design aesthetic.


We only use a minimal amount of trim such as zippers, ribbons, buttons and etc. We use just enough so that our styles are still functional and yet aesthetic.

Learning and cooperating

We each cast a vote for our future with the actions we take and the money we spend, and that includes us too. We only work with companies who have the same values as us and who we can be proud of calling collaborators and even friends.


Working with sustainability is a never ending proces. We always strive to do our very best and we are continuously learning and evolving our ethical and eco friendly practices. With that said, we know we are not perfect. There is still a long way ahead of us and much more to learn and improve.