When in Spain


Follow us to Northern Tenerife for collection 20.1.

Wefa Fellah photographed by Patricia Imbarus.
Hair and Make-up by Eli Fernandez.

Captured in Northern Tenerife, the Canary islands, ''When in Spain'' is the collection that shows our love for print and patterns, the slow Mediterranean lifestyle, sunshine, sangria and palm trees. With 70's inspired prints and colours, vintage cameras and grain, our collection combines the aesthetic of the 70's with contemporary, Scandinavian details. Each piece are made to be beautiful, yet casual, with the ability to tone each style up or down for what ever occasion you'll meet on your way.
Our new collection is our first move towards being more daring with our design as an ethical company with sustainable values, while still creating styles that are timeless and can be worn for many years.


Grab your sangria and find shade by the nearest palm tree and let's get swept away..


If you wan't the whole experience, we recommend listening to our ''When in Spain'' playlist here.

Environment photos by Gritt & Borris.

Video Photography: Mikkel Borris
Video Edit: Gritt & Borris